Bill Maher recently said "You get across that river, you’re here to stay. He might as well have added, And you get to apply for federal public benefits right away.”

The Democrat presidential campaign has been as equally unimpressive as the Republican presidential campaign. Each is a horror-show of a nightmare circus. On the Right you have name calling and sticks-and-stones stupidity. On the Left you have the games of One-Up, Truth-or-Dare, and the Three-Card-Monty. Needless to say, election year 2016 is an utter embarrassment.

We and everyone else have spent enough time on Trump and Cruz and their animosity for each other. It is time to turn our focus to the other ring-master. The Dominatrix of Democracy—Hillary “Benghazi” Clinton. As with most politicians, when their existing job or desired job is on the line, we begin to see the tap-dancing in an effort by the candidate to distance themselves from the leadership of their party. For Hillary, the distance from Obama needs to be deep and wide, so she has opted for the game of One-Up.

While Obama wanted to grant amnesty to his so-called Dreamers, roughly 4-Million of them at last count, the Hildebeast is taking it a step further, hence the game of One-Up.  She wants to grant amnesty to the PARENTS of Dreamers.

Why? Because in addition to Obama she needs to create space akin to the Pacific Ocean between she and HER OWN HUSBAND.

Good ol’ Bill signed welfare reform into law—the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act. This act required that aliens pay taxes, and in order to receive the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), the claimant AND child must have an SSN. Obama took it a step further and wants aliens, Dreamers, issued SSNs so they have access to welfare. We are talking at least 5-Million more people on the dole.

One-Up Hildebeast wants those “rights” extended to all illegal aliens…Dreamers and Dreamers of Dreamers (child and parent(s)). Since it takes two people to make a kid, you can raise that figure to at least 15-Million new welfare rats.  Even better, EITCs are, and will remain, available to anybody regardless of legal immigration status.

In her quest to destroy Obama, she destroys her own husband, and the only semi-good thing he managed to do. In doing so she brings further destruction upon our land. This is her Three-Card-Monty and her Truth-or-Dare. The Truth is out…Dare you to vote for her.

Source: Forbes


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