There was a time not so long ago, when those in power who took the oath of office actually believed in the words they uttered “to protect and defend”, and how they conducted themselves while in office. However those days no longer seem to exist, and what we’ve witnessed within the last seven or so years is endemic of a society in decline, where the rule of law no longer applies to all, and where the privileged few seem no longer accountable.

And those running for the most powerful office in the land can “game the system” with impunity while pretending to “protect and defend” and so it is that America continues on a downward spiral, this time with the latest candidate throwing “her” hat into the ring, Hillary Clinton.

And although she was out of the public office she certainly wasn’t out of the political limelight with yet another scandal. This time the revelations that as Secretary of State Madam Clinton used exclusively private emails to conduct government business, and astoundingly owned her own server which was also housed in her private residence, which she eventually “scrubbed clean”.

However aside from the obvious constitutional issues of lawlessness, there are more immediate and pressing issues at stake. A former top intelligence official for the Obama administration believes that it is “very likely” that countries like China and Russia and maybe even Iran and North Korea hacked into Hillary Clinton’s private email account while she was Secretary of State.

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn told Fox’s own Megyn Kelly that there is a “very high” probability that nations hostile to the United States have hacked into Clinton’s private server. Lt. Gen. Flynn who ran the Defense Intelligence Agency along with cyber security experts have determined that in contrast to Clinton’s assurances that her server was secure there were numerous security lapses found.



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