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Dolly Kyle, an ex-love of Bill Clinton, recently published a book revealing decades of secrets the Clinton family would love to keep away from the press.

The whole book chalk full of damning, first-hand accounts of the former president and first lady, but one story in particular was especially grotesque.

As the story goes, while Bill was the governor of Arkansas, he and Hillary hosted an annual Easter egg hunt outside the governor's mansion.

One year there were developmentally disabled children participating in the egg hunt. Hillary, frustrated by these children's inability to pick-up the plastic eggs in a speedy fashion, turned towards one of her aid and said "when are they going to get these f****** retards out of here?"

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It is unbelievable that any human being in the presence of mentally disabled children would be callous enough to say something like this.

It is equally unbelievable that the woman who said something this despicable is currently the front runner for president. The book underlines Hillary's one track mind during her slow march to the presidency, detailing a woman who would step over anyone if it meant getting her closer to that office.

This is your daily reminder that Hillary, does not care about you, or anyone else in this country. She simply wants to win. We can't let her.


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