After the deadly terror shooting in San Bernardino, California it was revealed that a former agent of the Department of Homeland security had been conducting an investigation that could have potentially prevented the attack all together.

This very same agent has now come forward and claims that his very same investigation could have potentially prevented the most deadly mass shooting America has ever seen at a night club in Orlando, Florida that took place this past weekend.

WND reports that retired agent Philip Haney had been working on a report that was focussed on gathering intel on a global Islamic network based out of Pakistan known as the Tablighi Jamaat.

Haney was able to discover connections between multiple mosques and persons of interest with radical terrorist groups such as Al Qaida and Hamas, along with others.

Right when this investigation was heating up it was shut down by a 'joint effort' between the civil rights division of the DHS and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton's State Department because they had "concern" that the investigation was unjustly targeting Muslims.

Even worse is that the a large portion of the information uncovered by this investigation was deleted back in 2012.

This information could potentially have been vital in stopping both the San Bernadino and Orlando attacks and resulting tragedies.

Haney recalled the mosque that the Orlando shooter had attended as the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce and upon further research Haney was able to pinpoint this mosque as one of the mosques identified as part of the network that had been discovered five years prior.

Haney was able to rediscover this information about the gunman's mosque using only publicly available information in a matter of hours, something that the FBI's investigation should have picked up on and took action on.

“It means they didn’t go through the same basic, analytical process that I went through over a three- or four-hour period in which I was able to link the mosque to my previous cases,” Haney commented.

Once again our nations move to such an absurdly PC culture halted an investigation that could have potentially saved dozens of American lives because of the potential to hurt radical Muslims' feelings.

This is just another example of how Hillary Clinton's efforts have put American lives in jeopardy. She is in no way fit to hold our nations future in our hands if she time and time again puts being PC and not offending people above the safety of American citizens.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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