Democrat presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, just got some news that is sure to get her panties in a bunch.

That pesky investigation into her illegal use of a private email server, to conduct official Secretary of State business, has not gone away. Despite the media silence on the matter, their classic means of burying any vestige of truth, this is still a big deal.

Recently, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director, James Comey was sitting before the House Judiciary Committee. Come was discussing the investigation into the San Bernardino, CA terrorist attack, and they attempt to get Apple to unlock the terrorists’ cell phone.

Representative Steve Chabot set that aside for a moment to focus on the other pressing matter—the investigation into Hillary Clinton.

“A few weeks back, the FBI’s general counsel James Baker acknowledged the FBI is, quote, working on matters related to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, unquote.”

“Some officials over there (referring to the FBI), it’s said that Hillary Clinton is not a target of this investigation and it’s not trending in that direction, unquote.”

That’s a serious surprise that Hillary, had she been a fly on the wall, would have been doing cartwheels over.

Chabot followed that statement up with pointing out that Obama said “’He didn’t see any national security implications’ in Hillary’s emails and obviously this is a matter of conservable import.”

So what’s up, is what Chabot was getting at.

Comey said that he can’t comment on the investigation, but he could assure Chabot the he is “…very close, personally, to that investigation to ensure that we have the resource we need, including people and technology, and that it’s done the way the FBI tries to do all of its work—independently, competently, and promptly.

That’s our goal, and I’m confident it’s being done that way, but I can’t give any more details beyond that.”

Surely Hillary is seething, and her campaign staff are furtively working to spin this to her favor. How could they possibly?

Clinton is the subject of a criminal investigation. She is unfit to run for the presidency and it is an utter embarrassment to all of America that she is even considered viable. We are truly scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Source: Mad World News


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