Hillary Clinton just got caught again trying to tamper with voter polls, this time in the Lone Star State. As soon as the state discovered what Hillary was doing they decided to give her a little taste of that southern hospitality.

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Hillary is digging a deeper hole for herself every day, and today is like all the rest. As Mad World News previously reported, Texans participating in the early voting practice were being tricked at the polls and even had their votes stolen from them.

People in charge of highlighting the “straight Republican” ticket names made sure to do so — except for when it came to Hillary’s name. In short, those not paying attention would accidentally check off Hillary’s name since it was one of the one’s highlighted.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, those who were careful enough not to check Hillary’s name found that even though they voted Donald Trump, the computer was putting the votes in for his opponent. Unfortunately for Hillary, it seems as though the devious effort was just cut short in at least one county.

According to Breitbart, “Chambers County election officials have executed an emergency protocol to remove all electronic voting machines available during early voting until a software update can be completed to correct problems experienced by straight-ticket voters.”

This is not a country you want to rip off, and there are many people here willing to let the government elites responsible for this nonsense know that we won’t be taken advantage of or stolen from.

For now, officials state that there is a “software glitch” with the voting machines, and seeing how they can’t be trusted to give an accurate count, paper ballots will be used in the meantime. The technical issue is set to be addressed by the end of the day today – but there is still one thing that has many people concerned.

Mad World News previously reported on the fact that George Soros – billionaire and leftist agent for Democrats – just so happens to own companies responsible for supplying voting machines to voting centers across America. Since he’s so heavily invested in the Democrat party and has the means to do pretty much whatever he would like, many people believe there’s no coincidence in what’s happening, especially since he has such a vested interest in this election.

After all, if you want to make sure that your donations (millions of dollars worth, by the way) pay off, then you have to make sure a Democrat wins the election. What better way to do that than to personally become involved and make sure that votes are illegally swayed in her favor? And by that, we mean stolen.

These are dark times we’re living in, and the silent majority of America that stands for freedom and choice is not a group of people you really want to piss off. Enough dirt has come out about Hillary that she shouldn’t even stand a chance at this point.

It would seem that the only way to fight back against this monstrous woman is to take a play out of the Texas playbook and stand up to her before it's too late.

Source: Mad World News

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