The crumbling Clinton machine is trying desperately to gain any foothold and gain some traction in the upcoming race. Since she has no merit or integrity of her own to stand on she's been coming after Trump and trying in a pathetic attempt to make the public think he's as bad as she is.

In her latest attempt she has come after Trump trying to propagate another Trump 'scandal'. She is using the time that Trump said that the "Second Amendment people" could take care of the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, if she were to get elected and take away our Second Amendment.

Trump has come out saying that he was referring to the political power that the Second Amendment lovers have, but mainstream media has taken this and run claiming that Trump was trying to incite the American people to assassinate Hillary Clinton.

Of course it's no surprise that the liberal media has taken a hard double standard when looking at Trump and Hillary. Trump's statement had no mention at all of assassination. However, back in 2008 Hillary outright referenced the assassination of then Sen. Barack Obama.

Hillary was interviewed back in 2008. The interviewer asked Hillary why she continued to remain in the race even though it was clear that Obama was going to win the nomination.

That's when Hillary made the remark on how her Husband had won the race back in June of 1992.

"We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. You know, I don’t understand it. You know, there’s lots of speculation about why it is," she commented clearly showing that he reasoning for staying in the race was in hopes that someone would assassinate Obama and then she could step in.

These incriminating comments never seemed to surface during Hillary's run at the presidency this year, and yet the liberal media will not stop harping on Trump's comments saying that they were dangerous, violent, and malicious.

If anything Trump has only predicted that there may be an uprising if Hillary Clinton gets elected and tries to go around the rules in order to take away our constitutional rights.

The real threat is that Hillary is too weak a candidate to ever run this country and she knows it. She knows the only real way is for her opponent to just drop out and based on the mysterious deaths surrounding the Clintons, the recent comments about the murdered DNC staffer from WikiLeaks, and her past hopes that her opponent would be assassinated, it's safe to assume that she wants Trump to drop dead out of the race.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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