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‘LIGHTS, ACTION, CAMERA…bring on the waterworks!” Which no doubt by the looks of these photos of woman crying on the “Hillary For America” Twitter account seems to be almost universal to her blissfully ignorant supporters, who apparently feel gender is more of a qualification than competence, integrity or honesty.

The adolescent type yearbook with the caption “We made history,” is similar to that magical moment in 2008 when then Senator Obama was the recipient of identity politics that propelled him to the presidency, simply because of skin pigmentation rather than on the merits of his qualifications, which at the time accounted for voting “present” perhaps more than any other senator.

Now we have teary eyed woman sniveling about breaking the “glass ceiling” however like in all matters that involves a Clinton, what you see isn’t necessary what is true.

Take this photo of Nida Allam’s for example, one would reasonably assume based on the caption that Allam is all warm and fuzzy and crying with joy for Hillary, while in truth Nida Allam is a Bernie Sander’s supporter.

Actress Shailene Woodley (another Bernie supporter) accused Hillary of deceptive practices, by using another “false picture.”

Obviously when it comes to truth-telling, Hillary still has ways to go, after all if you can get away with lying to congress, the FBI and to the parents of those brave men killed in Benghazi, what’s a photo here or there?

There as a huge negative reaction on Twitter to yet another Clinton lie...

Perhaps the best one liner in this bizarre campaign season came from “the Donald” yesterday when he talked about Hillary being the first woman president, he said within that now famous Trump style to all those Hillary supporters, “be careful for what you wish for.”

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