Democrat presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, is certainly comedic fodder.

Of course, nobody does comedy better than Saturday Night Live, and their Democrat debate skit is no exception. Larry David absolutely nails it when it comes to Bernie Sanders.

Bernie “Socialist” Sanders, as we all know and love (if for nothing only than entertainment value) is something of an interesting character in his life philosophies, and David had them on full display during the skit.

From his commentary about big banks and pens chained to desks (and he is right-why do they do this?), to his one pair of underwear drying on a radiator.

Sanders himself loved the skit and considers putting David on stage to do all his talking for him. In truth, this is not a bad idea.

You can catch the skit here, and take in the other candidates and we won’t spoil it as to who is portraying each of them.

You’ll have to see it for yourself.



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