Everyone is talking about Trump's awesome smackdown of the mainstream media during his preference when he gave a brutal response to CNN that put them in their place. It's the type of response that a great deal of this country has been waiting for a long time.

The mainstream media is going to have to brace themselves and prepare to get hit back if they're going to come after Trump so heavily with slanderous headlines and completely unsubstantiated stories.

The left has become very comfortable calling out any news source that contradicts their beliefs or impedes their liberal agendas in any way, as a fake news source. They constantly harp about needing more "fact-checking" into conservative news sites but when it comes to their own stories it's pretty much free rein to conjure up any allegation or fake news story they want.

Conservatives around the country have grown pretty fed up with the massive hypocrisy going on in the media today. Trump's comments during today's press conference were exactly what the people have been waiting for, and it has caught liberal news sources like CNN completely off guard.

This hilarious picture shows just how Trump shut down the leftist hypocrites.


Rush Limbaugh explained it nicely when he said:

"Trump’s a different animal. They [the press] don’t know how to deal with it, and he’s making ’em look like children. In this press conference today there was a man in the front row from CNN, a reporter in the front row, and he kept shouting at Trump like a little child."

Limbaugh continued by explaining that, "He demanded that Trump take his question. He started shouting at Trump while Trump was answering other questions, and Trump refused to take the question and looked at the him and said, 'No, you’re fake news.' (To watch the clip that Rush refers to click HERE.) And that’s when I started laughing and applauding here when we were covering this live."

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Source: 100 Percent Fed Up

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