Every now and then Rachel Maddow, hostess (host?) of MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show" gets what liberals like to refer to as "misgendered."

Is that even a word?

On Thursday, while introducing her guest, U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, the Democrat from New Jersey inadvertently referred to Maddow as "sir."

"Congressman, thanks for being with us tonight, sir,” said Maddow to Pascrell.

“Thank you, sir," he said, before correcting himself. “Ma’am.”

Sir, ma'am, who cares these days, right?

The incredibly butch Maddow took the misgendering in good humor. "It's alright," she said. "I answer to both. It's quite convenient in unexpected places."

For this tax-challenged talking head, perhaps the nearest IRS branch is one of those unexpected places she's talking about.

Maddow, truly a liberal's liberal, is one of MSNBC's leading hit-men/women when it comes to smearing Donald Trump and the reconstructionist conservative principles he stands for. She's visceral, she's emotional, and sometimes, she's even factual.

If Maddow played professional tennis she could easily pass as mannish Billie Jean King. With her hair dyed blond she could be the spitting image of television's openly gay "Ellen" talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

Why do sexually ambiguous female talk show folk like Maddow and DeGeneres prefer their names figured prominently in their program titles?

More importantly, does it matter if a TV personality gets "misgendered"?

In a nutshell, it does. The reason is that misgendering influential role models acknowledges implicitly the confusion they have created through their gender-bending behavior and appearance.

One can imagine the kind of confusion that will rule supreme when the liberal social construct known as "transgenderism" has gone full mainstream.

Sir. Ma'am. Both. Neither.

It's a mixed up world -- seriously.

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Source: Daily Wire

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