It seems that the issue of one’s gender is no longer defined as simply “male” or “female”, and within those two categories, there is another category defining one as being “gay.” And for most young adults there doesn’t seem to be an issue in accepting one’s sexual preference of those of the same gender sharing a locker room and or perhaps a bathroom.

However even young and open-minded adults at some point draw a line of what they will and will not accept , as students in Hillsboro, MO walked out of class on Monday protesting whether a “transgender pupil” has a right to use the woman’s locker room.

Obviously the issue of “transgender” has become a national issue, and students at Hillsboro High School held a two-hour demonstration in protest however there was another protest in support of transgender student, Lila Perry, and both protests seemed evenly divided.

The issue is whether Perry has a “right” to use the woman’s locker room, or in fact any room that accommodates young girls.

And although Perry identifies himself as a female, and began using the female facilities this year in actuality and biologically he’s still physically a male.

Superintendent Aaron Cornman issued a statement about the unsanctioned demonstration saying in part; “There does come a point when the school day must continue and we cannot condone behaviors that detract from the overall mission of the district.”

Parents are saying that their daughters are uncomfortable with the situation, and rightly so, in that simply putting a wig on and calling yourself “transgender” doesn’t make it so.

However that’s not to minimize Perry’s issues; however there seems to be an immediate solution to the problem, in that the school has a “gender-neutral faculty” restroom for gym classes.

It’s unclear when and if the school board will make a decision on this. However one thing is clear, “biologically” this student is still a male, and it’s the responsibility of the school board to protect its students, and that includes females.

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