Ever since the Columbine High School massacre in Littleton, Colorado nearly 20 years ago liberal educators have been freaking out about firearms.

They've even gone so far as to implement zero-tolerance policies, where students are punished over ridiculous things, like eating a piece of toast to vaguely resemble a handgun.

Have these educators even once questioned their warped, liberal anti-American value system as contributing to anti-social behavior, even gun violence?

This could all change with a bill pending in the North Carolina House of Representatives that would allow high school students to receive firearms education.

North Carolina Rep. Jay Adams filed House Bill 612, which would give the state's Board of Education room to develop an elective firearms training course with live ammo in the classroom. The course would focus on the history of firearms with an emphasis on gun function and safety.

Granted, liberals have serious trust issues, so we can expect there to be loud and vocal opposition to the proposed law.

We can hear the arguments now: "Firearms education equates to promoting gun violence." "The less students know about firearms, the better." "Stop encouraging students to think they have a right to own firearms."

There are many reasons for gun violence -- gangs, drugs, crimes of opportunity -- gun safety training isn't one of them.

Why do school shootings occur? In almost every documented instance the shooter had a mental disorder or was on some form of psychotropic medication.

But when students are taught that life is a sacred birthright, they seem less inclined to do violence. You don't hear of mass shootings at Christian schools.

Without a positive moral and ethical base instilled at an early age, the heart of a man can be a dark place indeed.

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Source: Bearing Arms

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