It's not unusual for students to be upset over their school administration's decisions. In fact, many people would look at discontentment between students and their school as normal.

However, for students at Corona del Sol High School in Tempe, Arizona, a recent bout of discontent doesn't have as much to do with normal student angst as it does with the school's recent decision to restrict the types of clothing that students could wear to the high school football games.

According to the school newspaper, during the football game between Corona del Sol and their rival school Marcos de Niza, students who wear clothing that is "perceived to be racist/offensive" won't be allowed in to see the game.

But what's even worse is the school's definition of what constitutes racist or offensive clothing.

In a deleted tweet the newspaper identified offensive clothing as anything "green, USA, flags, Trump, etc." They tried to couch their answer by saying that "it's not the clothing but the intent behind it," but that just buried the school even deeper.

What kind of a world do we live in where it is now looked at as offensive to wear red, white, and blue or to support the United States by wearing a shirt featuring the nation's flag?

According to the school-run newspaper, it's time for students to "grow up," and stop trying to call out the school administration for every little thing. That argument works well if the students were protesting things like limits on food choices in the cafeteria or shutting down the school's open campus for lunch, but not in this case.

The students at Corona del Sol are right to be mad, so should most Americans. If students can't wear colors or images that support our country to a football game, where's the next place that an administration will step in to restrict freedom of speech?

h/t: Daily Caller

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