Herschel Walker, a sports giant, is a big fan of another giant, media and GOP establishment puppeteer , Donald Trump.  Perhaps no one has said it better when it comes to the GOP establishment vitriol that is flung Trump’s way.

You have to admit that whether you like Trump or not, the man has been weathering a barrage of smear tactics that are embarrassing to anyone that calls themselves a conservative.

McCain and Romney, as we all know are losers. They lost their respective elections. Does anybody really give a hoot what they have to say?

Since when do you listen to the losing team for pointers on how to win a game? If you are smart, the answer is never.

Mr. Walker put it this way, via his Twitter, @HerschelWalker;

“McCain and Romney lost the playoff years ago, yet they want to talk about someone getting ready for the Super Bowl [emoticon thinking]…Think about that.”

If it isn’t obvious, the answer is yes Walker is in the tank for The Donald. Why shouldn’t he be? Certainly McCain, Romney, Palin, Ryan, Rove, Kristol, or any of the other loser powerhouse pickers aren’t anyone we ought to be listening too. We have had enough of losing and it is time we start winning.

Sadly, this election is going to come down to Hillary and one other person. In the end, are you really gonna care enough to sit home and let the Hildebeast take the reins? If so, then you are a fool and no better than those listed above.

Just remember that if that is your plan, then you have no right to bitch when Hillary lives up to her full potential as POTUS.

Source: Mad World News


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