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While politicians in Washington continue to gather on the polar opposite positions on virtually ever subject facing America, occasionally a wise voice emerges to put things in perspective and readjust the compass.

That was the case in the D.C. District Court where federal judge was deciding a case having to do with a controversial requirement that identification be shown at polling places as a prerequisite to voting.

Although this seems like common sense, especially when every state has a provision allowing impoverished citizens to receive an official identification card completely free of charge, Democrat opponents argue that such a requirement places an undue burden on the poor and, specifically, on minorities.

D.C. Circuit Judge Richard J. Leon wasn’t having any of that as he ruled that such a requirement was not only constitutional, but far easier than trying to understand how to comply with other laws.

In the case concerning voter id laws enacted in Alabama, Georgia, and Kansas, Judge Leon acknowledged that the requirement might be “inconvenient,” but there “was no real and irreparable harm.”

The federal judge went on to put the requirement in perspective, “Let’s be candid: doing so pales in comparison to explaining to the average citizen how the Affordable Care Act or tax code works!”

This Judge deserves recognition for this ruling that has put Obama in his place.

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