Germany is becoming a place that nobody in their right mind should want to live. We’ve been informed of all the horrors that have come with the influx of the hordes of Muslim “refugees.”

The wolves in sheep’s’ clothing who appear to be no more than evolutionarily stunted low lives.

These are sub-humans who think it is okay to turn refugee camps into sewers and landfills, rape children, and celebrate the New Year in Cologne with a gang-rape festival.

It is no surprise that a young woman, on her way to a locker room, in her local gym, was followed by a Muslim rapist.

One of the nation’s refugees. As the assault was underway, her screams brought the gym owner to the rescue. The rapist tried to flee, but was taken to the ground by the gym owner. There he was held until authorities arrived.

In an unfortunate twist of events, it would seem that the German court system in opting for the Sharia form of justice. You see, because the gym owner acted as hero, and saved the woman from being raped, no crime was actually committed. He was released two days ago, and most likely will prey upon his next victim. Will it be a woman?

Or will it be a child, who likely won’t have a gym owner or any other adult around, to interfere with his getting his bit of fun for the day?

According to German law enforcement, their hands are tied, as orders to catch-and-release come from the highest office—Angela Merkel. 

If these wolves come here, it is likely we will begin to see similar violence. Do you think Obama will act any different than Merkel? Doubtful.

Source: Mad World News

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