The second Republican Presidential Debate hosted by CNN didn't showcase Donald Trump quite as favorably as he may have wished. Many viewers saw the emergence of Carly Fiorina as an interesting candidate and some recent polls have suggested that she now trails on Trump in popularity.

Herman Cain, however, a 2012 GOP presidential candidate and a businessman himself, believes that Trump can regain a solid hold on the American voting block if he can implement three simple changes in his campaign and public addresses.

Cain, we should remember, was a solid front-runner in the 2012 race and was a candidate who enjoyed major support in the southern states and among Christians.

His advice, then, is something that Donald should pay attention to--not just because of Cain's background but also because his suggestions make a lot of sense.

The first point that Cain would have Trump implement is to ignore the jabs and attacks from his opposition. "Number one, don't focus on that," Cain recommended. It's true that past remarks of Trump's are being dredged up to be used in attack ads and in pointed questions, but it's also true that Trump has, perhaps more than any other candidate, been a loud public figure for decades.

Second, Cain recommends that Trump pull back from the personal attacks that have gotten him in trouble with Megyn Kelly and the FoxNews crowd, as well as with many women and supporters of Fiorina.

His third point is one which Donald may already be implementing--talking more substance. "Start talking about substantive issues and the rest of them will follow," recommended Cain. And Trump has been talking and people are listening.

Though Trump has been bashed by liberals and conservatives alike, it's clear his star is still on the rise. He's promising an America that returns to greatness, and even Herman Cain believes that he is the candidate who can get it done.

h/t: Conservative Tribune



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