Prison escape and heist movies can make for exciting, cinematic action, but when convicted murderers escape in real life, the reality is much more worrisome.

That's the case currently, with two convicted criminals and murderers who escaped from "Little Siberia" or the Clinton Correctional Facility this past weekend. David Sweat and Richard Matt were both imprisoned in Clinton for murder--Sweat shot and killed a police officer, and Matt has killed and raped multiple times in his life.


Reading like a scene fromĀ Escape from Alcatraz, the two men built dummies of themselves to fool guards and then cut away the wall separating their two cells using power tools. They then cut and climbed into a large drainage pipe that emerged beneath a manhole cover some distance outside of the prison.

Authorities warn that these men are some of the coldest killers they've ever met, and one investigator described Matt as "the most vicious, evil person I've ever come across."

The Clinton Correctional Facility is known as "Little Siberia" because it is a maximum security prison located in northern, upstate New York and is surrounded by wilderness. Authorities suspect that the two escapees are now living in the wilderness, something that will make their capture difficult.

Authorities also warned, however, that the men may become desperate as their living situations worsen, and may resort to armed robbery and thievery to support themselves.

It is still unknown whether the two men had inside help in their escape, though authorities did question one prison worker about his possible role in the plan. As far as obtaining the power tools necessary to cut their way out, officials suspect that the prisoners stole the tools from workers who were working in the facility, rather than having the tools smuggled into the prison.

Let's hope law officials find these dangerous men soon and return them to someplace where escape is impossible.

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