The Obama administration is expert at avoiding answering questions and stonewalling inquiries into its policies and programs despite the president’s repeated pledge that it would be the most transparent in American history.

A case in point is the controversy surrounding the gun-running scheme “Fast and Furious” that has resurfaced after a federal judge has ordered the release of 20,000 pages of emails and memos pertaining to the Department of Justice program that was ostensibly designed to fight drug smuggling by selling assault weapons to Mexican drug cartels and then tracking them.

The plan was revealed when the weapons were found at murder scenes in the U.S. and Mexico, indicating that DOJ agents had not, in fact, tracked them, but lost almost 2,000 guns at the border, including .50-caliber rifles capable of taking down a helicopter.

U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in December 2010, shot in the back by Mexican cartel members using semiautomatic weapons issued by the U.S. government as part of the Fast and Furious program.

When questioned about the program, then-Attorney General Eric Holder, denied its existence in testimony before Congress and was cited for contempt for lying under oath.

President Obama claimed executive privilege and refused to turn over the subpoenaed documents.

The emails and memos have revealed that the actual goal of the Fast and Furious plan was to manufacture a crisis to create a favorable atmosphere for the implementation of Obama’s strict gun control measures.

Excerpts prove Holder’s intention to fix the blame for the scandal on officers from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms draw on a willing press to manipulate exposure.

In an email to his chief of staff, Holder agreed to provide the media with the documents prior to giving them to Congress “with an explanation that takes the air out.”

“Calculated efforts were made by senior officials to obstruct Congress,” Chaffetz fumed.

Congressional investigators are accusing the Obama administration of continuing to stonewall and say more documents have yet to be handed over.


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