Rewriting history is dangerous – almost as dangerous as attempting to dictate the customs and celebrations people can observe, but the leftist impulse to impose politically correct fantasy on the people is too tempting for them to resist.

Now, in keeping with the Obama administration’s belief propagated by liberal academia that the very existence of America is based on white oppression, we are asked to believe that middle-school students came up with the idea to do away with the long-standing Columbus Day school holiday and replace it with something more in keeping with a liberal college or progressive think-tank.

“Celebrating Columbus, we're celebrating genocide,” Amherst Middle School student Aarti Lamberg told the official legislative body in the town, using a languate that sounds more like a teacher than a student.

The student resolution demands that Amherst change the annual Columbus Day holiday to one recognizing the “suffering of indigenous people” and celebrating Native American history and culture based on the new holiday begun in Berkeley, California.

Even more far-fetched is the idea that these 13-year-olds would – on their own – name the new holiday “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.”

Communities in the United States have marked the landing of Christopher Columbus on the continent on October 12, 1492 with parades and celebrations, also using the occasion to note the contributions of Italian-Americans, but the explorer – like Founding Fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson – has found himself on the wrong side of Obama’s revisionist history lessons preached to Americans for the past seven years.

Progressives now view Columbus as a ruthless invader and mercenary, founder of the slave trade, mass murderer, and terrorist and it would appear that the recharacterization of the man who was celebrated for opening the New World for European discovery has spread to the eighth grade class of Amherst Middle School.

A resolution offered by a town meeting member to retain Columbus Day and add the new holiday for Native Americans was defeated – and yet another piece of American history and culture disappeared.

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