The presidential debate between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was mostly a dud. Not only did neither side prove their point convincingly, it's more and more clear after the fact that one of the main reasons Trump didn't come out farther ahead was because the moderator was actively working against him.

And it's only the first debate.

Though Lester Holt has apparently proved his mettle as a journalist, as a debate moderator he deliberately gave Clinton softball questions and pitched incredibly hard ones toward Trump.

Five examples of Holt's inept moderation of the debate show that he clearly was shilling for Clinton while on the stage.

  1. Perhaps the biggest missing question during the debate was about Clinton's emails. Even the New York Times, a staunch liberal media player, has acknowledged that Clinton's use of the private email server was misguided and wrong.

    But Holt didn't bring the server up at all. Trump was forced to deflect a pointed question about his tax returns and take the chance to prod Clinton about her illegal use of a private server.

  2. Holt also directly attacked Trump when he went after Trump's role in the "birther conspiracy," a movement which believes that President Obama isn't American-born.

    Clinton has her share of racist remarks in her past, including a doosie where she called on "white Americans" to stop Obama from becoming president.

  3. Trump was also under fire from Holt for his support of a stop-and-frisk policy in New York. Though Holt was misinformed about the policy, which was cancelled before it was deemed unconstitutional by the courts, Holt still backed up Clinton's attack of Trump with an attempt at fact-checking, something that didn't happen on the Democratic side.
  4. Trump was also attacked by the moderator for saying that Clinton didn't have a "presidential look" about her. Clinton stood by while the "unbiased" moderator took Trump to task for extremely vague comments about Clinton's looks.
  5. And finally Holt attacked Trump for supporting the Iraq war, even though Clinton was standing on the same stage and had voted in the Senate for the war and has a terrible track record in regards to the war.

All told the debate was a terrible show of partisanship from Holt. Here's hoping the next one is moderated better.

h/t: Breitbart

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