In light of events at a community college, this story didn't get much attention. While it is in no way as horrific, this school shooting in in questions could have been much worse, authorities suggest, but due to the quick thinking and action of an assistant principal and the athletic director only one person was harmed. That person was the Harrisburg High School principal, a man named Kevin Lein. Lein is in charge of the high school of just over 600 that is located in Harrisburg, South Dakota and was speaking with a student when things got out of control.

According to police sources, Lein was having a discussion with a student that began to get heated. The student promptly pulled out a gun and shot Lein. Luckily the bullet only scored a flesh wound in his arm.

Immediately after the shooting the assistant principal and athletic director tackled the student to the ground and held him still until the police arrived at the school.

A local man whose son attends Harrisburg High School said that he couldn't believe that something like that would happen. "This is good ol' Harrisburg. This doesn't happen here," he said. After the shooting took place the school was placed on lockdown, said a girl who was present at the time of the shooting. She said that other students had seen the shooter with a gun and were hysterical.

According to the female student, after Lein was sure that the student shooter had been taken down, he got on the school-wide intercom to tell the students what had happened and to reassure them that he was alright.

It’s a lucky thing that, one, the student shooter was such a bad shot and two, that the assistant principal and the athletic director were close by. Had the student gotten away with murdering the principal as it appears was his intention, who knows what other havoc he would have wreaked in the small-town high school.

h/t: Yahoo News

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