Listening to the liberal mainstream media’s reaction to the unfolding events in Baltimore, one would think that the city is being occupied by a lily-white racist and oppressive military regime, enslaving and willfully depriving its inhabitants of their basic inalienable rights, and forcing them to live a substandard life.

However the reality is far different then the perpetuating false illusions that seem to be an ongoing narrative of those within the progressive media and among Baltimore’s political elite, in that the city of Baltimore is a predominately African-American city, run by African-Americans and the Democratic Party for over 4-decades.

The mayor, the police commissioner, and Baltimore's top prosecutor along with a majority of the city council are all African-Americans, as is the US Representative for Maryland’s 7th Congressional Distract Elijah Cummings, who has represented the city of Baltimore in Washington D.C. for almost 2-decades.

So why the apparent disconnect from reality, the simple answer is “conflict”. Which of course the media thrives on, in short “conflict sells”, the media makes lots and lots of money on race riots, and the more egregious the situation whether real or fabricated the better, add to that the relentless competition and a 24-hour news cycle, combined with a progressive world view, and you have a perfect storm of disinformation.

Want proof? Read on.

Chris Cuomo, of CNN: Cuomo warned protesters at the height of the rioting that the police were out to get them: “They’re walking toward the cops. You know walking towards the cops in the middle of the street; they’re going to come at you.” And when a protester said, “We’re going home,” Cuomo then added, just be careful, cuz you know how they are”.

Brooke Baldwin, also CNN: Baldwin felt the need to blame America’s hero’s veterans for the situation in Baltimore, stating, “A lot of these young people, and I love our nation’s veterans, but some of them are coming back from war and they are ready to do battle.”

Brittney Cooper of Salon.com, a guest on MSNBC said: “I do respect black people as human beings, and part of what that means is understanding that rage is a legitimate and reasonable response to being mistreated repeatedly by those in power.”

Joy Reid, MSNBC: Told the MSNBC audience   that the protesters in Baltimore were just like supposedly victimized teenagers in the Gaza Strip. It seems obvious that the rhetoric of both the progressive media, and Baltimore’s elite political class, stands in stark contrast to the actual facts.

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