President Obama, how he offends thee. Let us count the ways.  For the purposes of brevity we have to limit it to five, and a specific topic. Otherwise we could write volumes.

We are all aware of the horrific terrorist attack in Belgium on March 22nd. While the rest of the world and America prayed for the Belgium people, our President was yucking it up with Cuban human rights violator, communist dictator, and new best friend, Castro.

While Americans were hyper vigilant with respect to our surroundings, Obama was blowing it off by not returning home to reassure America that we would be safe. Instead he pretty much ignored the Belgium attack.

  • He gave the situation a whopping 45-second statement in amongst his self-aggrandizing.
  • He never once mentioned the attack as that of the work of Islamic terrorists.
  • He lambasted the American people by calling us Islamophobic by telling us not to jump to conclusion by pinning it on who we all know it was, including him—ISIS.
  • He fawned over Castro. He even said that we should be cognizant of Cuba’s needs and allow it shape American policy.
  • He showed zero emotion or concern for Belgium, yet the joy of hanging out with a murderous dictator lit up his face like the son.

The man is so far from what it means to be a true American, that after nearly 8 years many of us still sit here slack-jawed in bewilderment.

We continue to wonder how half our nation could elect someone who fantasizes about human rights violations by kissing the a**es of dictators around the world (the list is too long), endorsing Islamic terror (Muslim Brotherhood), and arming our enemies (Iran).

How embarrassing that Obama is the face of our nation.

Source: Mad World News


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