Inconvenient truths are always difficult to deal with especially if you’re attempting to push a narrative that is in stark opposition to those established facts. And if you’re the mainstream media the way to deal with those facts, is to simply ignore them.

However the recent Baltimore riots has once again sparked debate among the professional talking heads, politicians and the media elite as to why the tragic death of Freddie Gray has once again sparked yet another riot within yet another American city?

And while much of the mainstream media coverage has focused on this one incident and the alleged history of police brutality, there are inconvenient truths that seldom get any press because they simply cut against the grain of the mainstream’s agenda, in that violence isn’t anything new in Baltimore. In fact Baltimore had the fifth-highest murder rate in the country last year among cities with 100,000 or more people and saw an increase in property crime, and also had the nation's 7th highest violent crime rate.

And although Baltimore spends almost $16,000 per student per year on education, making it the second highest in the nation, only 56% of those students actually graduate high school, well below the national average of over 80%

And even when the mainstream media reports on important unfolding events with national implications such as the death Freddie Gray and the ensuing rioting that followed, they still miss the mark:

  1. Gray had an arrest record. He had been arrested a total of 22 times in Maryland, primarily for possession and distribution of illegal narcotics.
  2. Gray was armed. Police found him carrying a switch blade knife.
  3. Police pursued Gray after he made eye contact with officers and fled. That's sufficient cause for pursuit if the fleeing suspect is in a drug-invested area, which Gray was.
  4. Gray may have been intentionally trying to injure himself in the van. 
  5. A call to "purge" circulated on social media among Baltimore students
  6. The looting may have been premeditated, as a number of rioters arrived on the scene carrying crowbars.
  7. Firefighters attempting to quell the blaze were hampered when someone slashed a hose that had been turned on the flames.
  8. Rioters also set fire to 144 vehicles, in addition to neighborhood businesses
  9. The 1968 riots already wreaked havoc on parts of Baltimore. 
  10. As far away as Los Angeles, police were encouraged to ride in pairs. The order was in response to what Baltimore police determined was a "credible threat" of gang violence against police across the U.S.
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