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Just imagine perhaps another Obama in the Senate, following perhaps in the same footsteps of both Hillary Clinton and her husband, who actually voted “present” more times then casting either a “yes vote” or a “no vote” and hopefully if Michelle is ever elected she will do likewise.

Apparently the speculation after Michelle’s speech which was dubbed "stunning" at the Democratic National Convention has those starry-eyed supporters all excited about the idea of a Senator Michelle Obama, that they actually just printed up Obama bumper stickers and are offering them to supporters of Clinton for $10 bucks a pop.



No doubt some might ask isn’t it a little premature to be printing up bumper stickers, when Michelle hasn’t yet decided, but then again this is the Democratic National Convention, that had rigged Hillary Clinton’s nomination almost year before she ever announced publicly she would be running.

Lets not forget ol Bernie Sanders who lost the election before the first primary vote was ever cast.

Now it stands to reason that Chicago would welcome its popular native daughter with open arms, after all it is the crime capital of the world, and in keeping with Obama’s lawless approach to governance, and where Al Capone made his mark, so the windy City would be indeed a perfect venue to launch her candidacy.

However many dismiss the talk of a Senator Michelle Obama as nothing more than idle chatter, and as phony as those bumper stickers.

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