At the end of the day, it comes down to “upbringing” and how you were raised growing up, and if you come from a dysfunctional and chaotic environment chances are that’ll be an intricate part of your lifestyle as an adult, simply look at the data regarding outlaw behavior and professional football players.

And it’s within this backdrop that the day after the worst mass shooting in our nation’s history a few dysfunctional and ill-mannered outlaw NFL players continued their “dog and pony” show of racial victimization by once again taking a knee during the telecast of “Monday Night Football” regardless of the fact that less than 24-hours before 59-innocent individuals were murdered by a crazed gunmen in Las Vegas, with an additional 500 plus wounded, many still fighting for their lives.

The match-up between the Washington Redskins and Kansas City Chiefs was being played under an emotional sense of national grief, with the lowering of our flag to half-staff ordered by the president as a mark of respect for those victims brutally gunned down.

Thankfully most of the players realized the magnitude of the moment and did the expected thing that a decent upbringing allows and stood up for the National Anthem, however, there’s always that clueless renegade attempting to make a point at the wrong time.

And that disrespectful renegade was Marcus Peters who decided to continue his defiance by remaining seated while his teammates stood up and showed respect to both our flag and the victims that lost their lives a day before.

However, his disrespect was short-lived on the gridiron when he got “creamed” going for a 44-yard touchdown, by a player on the opposite side, who brutally took him down.

Moreover, the Independent Journal Review reported that the antics of taking a knee is losing steam stating:  “It seems that Peters is now in the minority among NFL players. Following President Donald Trump’s strong remarks against national anthem protests, roughly 180 NFL players refused to stand for the national anthem. This week, the number apparently dropped to 54.”

Do you believe the NFL players will continue their protest, as fans continue to boycott the games or will the owners finally step and attempt to save the rest of the season?







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