A state-of-the-art ship capable of intercepting incoming missiles from North Korea is making waves as a first line of defense against the communist regime of Kim Jong-un.

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced the roll-out of the missile telemetry ship called the MV Pacific Collector, a 393-foot vessel designed to track and intercept incoming enemy missiles.

"The MV Pacific Collector detects the missile via GPS and shoots out a vehicle which smashes into a warhead in mid-flight to disable it," the Daily Mail reports. "Known as ground-based mid-course defense, the ship is in port at Aloha Tower in Hawaii for a key upcoming ballistic missile defense test."

The ship is specifically equipped to intercept missiles fired from the ground. Most of North Korea's missile systems are ground-based.

As the first nation to use atomic weapons against a foreign enemy, the US now finds itself in the precarious position of having to stare down a country roughly a third the size of Japan but with a nuclear arsenal capable of devastating much of the region.

Just this week President Trump promised to use unimaginable force against North Korea unless it stopped making threats to nuclear bomb the US, including Guam.

According to Mark Almond, director of the Crisis Research institute at Oxford, President Trump is limited to six options for dealing with the crisis: a limited strike, full-scale invasion, a decapitation strike, a US nuclear strike, increased pressure on China (the same country that makes the vast majority of "stuff" consumed by the US) or international action.

It remains to be seen which course of action the president will choose.

In the meantime, the deployment of the MV Pacific Collector in Hawaii is meant to send a message to the Kim Jong-un government that its nuclear missiles would stand little chance of reaching the US.

While it may help to ease the fears of Hawaiians, it also signifies that the military posturing between the US and North Korea has reached a new and more dangerous level.

The MV Pacific Collector has never been tested in a live battle environment with nuclear missiles. With millions of lives at stake, everything is riding on our government's confidence that the system will work in a nuclear showdown with North Korea.

Do you think the deployment of the MV Pacific Collector will deter North Korea from conducting any more tests of its missile technology? Tell us what you think might happen in the comment section below.

Source: Conservative Fighters

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