May American hero, National Guardsman Darren Mitchell, rest in peace. May his family find some comfort while they grieve and heal from their loss.

“And all I wanted to do was go home.”

That was his final social media post  saying he was going to pass from this world to the next. Or perhaps he thought he would survive the raging floodwaters that engulfed his truck. Unfortunately, he did not. The recent torrential storms moving through Texas have been devastating. Images of the tragic situation have been flooding the news.

In this case, Darren Mitchell was trying to make it home when his truck was swept up in the rolling flood waters. A witness explained that they had seen Darren get out of his truck and into the bed of his truck.

“He got out of his truck, he got in the bed of his truck, he got back out, on top of his truck, and then all of the sudden he got back in his truck. And, like maybe 10, 15 minutes after he was in his truck, it just flipped and he topsided into the water,” said Lashandoe Smith.

“It just disappeared. Once it flipped, you didn’t see tires, his truck, nothing. It just tumbled over.”

Mitchell’s last Facebook post includes a photo from within his submerged vehicle showing the last moments of his life.

People – do not drive into floodwaters, standing or moving. You have no idea how deep the water is.

Progressive insurance has some important recommendations via this link.

Above all, if you can avoid the flooding, do so. If not, get away from your vehicle if possible. If your phone works, call 911. Do not waste what might be your final moments posting to Facebook.

Source: Mad World News

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