Along with the loss of the election, many on the Left seem to have lost whatever self-restraint they may have had and are engaging in hoaxes alleging “hate” crimes, portraying themselves as victims, generating outrage, garnering sympathy – and wasting police resources.

The psychological need to put oneself at the center of a larger event for the purpose of getting attention is well-known, but the defeat of Democrat Hillary Clinton by Republican Donald Trump has unleashed a near-epidemic of the false claims designed to create a connection between the president-elect and “hateful” rhetoric.

Many of the instances are occurring on college campuses as young adults act out their disappointment in the results by posting false claims on social media, drawing attention and sympathy only to be revealed as liars.

Fabricated stories, emails and hard copy notes have all been put forward by students as “proof” they have been singled out for attack by Trump supporters because of their religion, race or sexual orientation.

The latest incident occurred at North Park University in Chicago when openly bisexual student, Taylor Volk, claimed she found a “hateful” note taped to her door.

Volk posted a photo of the note, which read “Back to hell,” “#Trump,” and included derogatory homophobic comments, on her Facebook page, and the media jumped.

“I just want them to stop!” Volk sobbed to NBC Chicago, but four days later, with the Chicago Police unable to find a report of the incident and Ms. Volk no longer at the university, the school’s president, David Parkyn, announced that the notes were fabricated.

In the meantime, fellow students like Kelsey Stevens, were alarmed and led to believe that an atmosphere of hate had been “emboldened by this election,” in other words, by Trump.

In at least one other similar incident, a student who claimed she was assaulted by Trump supporters is facing charges for filing a false police report.

The 18-year-old unidentified Muslim student at the University of Louisiana came up with a much more dramatic “story” that combined the worst elements of civil rights era terror, physical assault and religious intolerance in a claim that white men drove up to her, shouted racial slurs, struck her in the head and stole her hijab and wallet – and never lost their “Trump” caps.



Certainly a sign of a return to the dark days of oppression in the South – and all due to Donald Trump.

Except… it never happened.

Police revealed that the complainant admitted the hoax during the course of their investigation.

The Muslim student was not a victim of any crime and has been charged – but false reports such as these do have victims.

The president-elect as he tries to bring the country together after a contentious campaign, his supporters and the citizens of the nation are the real victims of real hate crimes.

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