For those like President Obama and the mainstream media, this recent incident of yet another innocent victim being assaulted by this “hate group” is nothing more than a momentary inconvenience that will be swept under the rug within a few days and forgotten.

In that most of these assaults are seldom reported by the national news organizations, most are simply handled as local news, however these assaults by Black Lives Matter upon innocent victims happens with regular frequency.

This particular assault happened to gain national recognition because the victim was a war hero, a Marine veteran who received the Bronze Star for valor during his service in Iraq.

Chris Marquez, a decorated veteran was assaulted by a gang of teenagers outside a Washington, D.C., McDonald’s, for refusing to engage with these punks when he was asked for no apparent reason “do you believe black lives matter?”

Marquez continued to finish his meal, however as he left the restaurant he was followed out the door and brutally hit on the side of the head by a suspect wielding a handgun.

The video captures the teen “wolf pack” attacking Marquez and knocking him to the ground, and as he lays unconscious, they kick him and steal his possessions.

“I still believe this was a hate crime and these cowards were motivated by the Black Lives Matter movement,” Marquez told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “They may not be card-carrying members but they were definitely motivated by this movement and I believe the leaders of Black Lives Matter have a responsibility to vigorously condemn all acts of violence and not just acts of violence against the black community.”

h/t: Daily Caller


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