Obama has once again proven to the American people, and the world, that he and his administration don't hold true the principles of freedom. Obama has announced that the United States will start taking steps to lift the sanctions that have been in place against communist Cuba for over 50 years.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio pointed out in his interview with CNN that while the sanctions were in place, they served as real leverage to get the Cuban government to move towards democracy and giving the Cuban people a chance to live with real freedom. With the embargo lifted, that leverage no longer exists.

To start mending relations Obama once again showed poor negotiating skills, by striking a deal with Castro to have a prisoner swap, and agreeing to the Red Cross and United Nations monitor conditions in Cuba. The U.S. will release three Cuban spies, while Castro will release one unnamed Cuban national that worked as a spy for the U.S., as well as 53 political prisoners from Cuban prison. The problem with this, as Rubio pointed out, is that the 53 prisoners shouldn't have been in prison to begin with, and once released they will go back into prison if they start rallying for freedom and democracy in Cuba.

While it looks good on the surface to have these prisoners released, it does nothing for the United States, except galvanize Obama's reputation for loving socialism. From installing socialist health care policies to opening relations with a communist regime that is notorious for human rights violations Obama has shown that freedom for the people is not his concern. The only winner in this scenario are the brothers Castro and communism itself.

Republicans are already strategizing how to fight against the sanctions lift. Senator Marco Rubio and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham have both agreed to fight against funding for an embassy in Cuba. There is the threat of Obama using his coveted executive orders to try to bypass Congress to set up the embassy. However, the soon to be Republican controlled Congress does have the final word on how funds are spent and they will do everything in their power to keep the sanctions against Cuba in place.


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