Do you remember getting called names in school? You just sucked it up right? That’s all part of kids being kids. How about that red-lined school essay assignment with the giant “F-“emblazoned across the front?

Wasn’t the “F” enough to let you know you did a really poor job? It was as if the “minus” was there to rub it in.

Guess what? It was. You learn from trial and error. This ranges from picking friends and finding out who your true friends and are, and learning that you can’t give the minimal level of effort on an assignment and expect accolades for “trying.”

Growing up is supposed to be hard. It is what toughens us up so that when we are grown we can rise to the challenge of whatever we have to face.

Unfortunately, all the tossing of pillows in front of our children, participation awards, and anti-bullying curriculum has resulted in a generation of wussies. We have college kids who, according to the article, can’t handle setting a mousetrap, let alone having someone call them a name, without some sort of psychological intervention.

Our kids “haven’t developed skills in how to soothe themselves, because their parents have solved all their problems and removed the obstacles. They don’t seem to have as much grit as previous generations,” according to Dan Jones, past president of the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors.

Let’s face it, our children have about as much grit as a bowl of soup. Soothing of oneself should be as simple as looking at yourself in the mirror and saying “pull it together,” then putting it behind you and moving on.

The linked article goes on to point out that over-protecting our kids is not biblical, and that with adversity comes inner strength. When it comes to our children, Cameron Cole, a youth pastor said it best;

“How deluded I am when I think an alternate path exists for my child’s ‘hoped for’ service to God’s kingdom. He will not wear the crown…unless he bears a cross.”

Our children need to quit working hard at being lazy. They need to work hard at growing up, and we need to step back and let them.

Source: BreakPoint


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