Harvard University... one of the best colleges out there, a campus that holds some of the brightest students in the world. You would think in a place like Harvard, in a college full of bright students, that things would go smoothly and everyone would get along, that everyone would be working together toward the common goal of growing smarter. That, unfortunately, doesn't seem to be the case.

After protests from activists, Harvard University has removed the tags from their Soda Stream beverage machines throughout the campus. Why? Did these machines happen to have curse words on them? Did they have crude images that shouldn't be seen by anyone? Did they have illegal and harmful information on them? No. The problem, you see, is that these machines were crafted by a company from Israel. How is that a problem? Why is that an issue? The activists whined that these labels, these machines, were offensive to students of Palestinian origin. What?!

It seems that even Harvard - a campus that hosts bright students - hasn't escaped the craziness of political correctness. We are in big trouble now. If the brightest students in our country are so offended by something as small as the labeling on drink machines, if those labels need to be removed to keep them happy, then we are in big trouble. If we need to do everything - including removing labels from drink machines - to keep every student satisfied, if we need to keep the whiners happy... if we keep spending all of our time and energy trying not to offend someone, then we are in big trouble.

If labels show support of another country, and you don't support that country, maybe you should just decide that you aren't going to put any of those labels up, yourself. If you are so offended by something as small as a label, what are you going to do when you go out into the world and someone disagrees with you on something bigger? What are you going to do when you see billboards proclaiming beliefs that disagree with yours?

UPDATE: Harvard University provost Alan Garber has said: “Harvard University’s procurement decisions should not and will not be driven by individuals’ views of highly contested matters of political controversy.” - Glad to see they came to their senses and didn't cave to the groups demands.

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