Despite the face that Harvard received almost 35,000 applications for the class of 2015 starting this August they only accepted a measly 6% of those students. Harvard is widely known as one the of the best colleges in the world and admissions are among the most competitive globally. Despite all this it looks like a coalition of over 60 Asian-American groups is taking some cues from the rest of America and and taking Harvard to court.

Asians make up 21% of the student body at Harvard. That's a very high rate if you look at their overall percentage in the United States which is around 5.6% of the population as of 2010. So what is their beef with Harvard all about?

Harvard employs racial quotas as part of their admission process. This Asian-American group feels these policies are denying even more of their ethnicity into Harvard. It could be noted as fairly ironic that these types of racial quotas that were intended to allow certain races be mandatorily allowed into institutions regardless of merit are now under attack from another minority group. They feel these policies are keeping better qualified white and asian students from being accepted.

Do you think affirmative action policies have no place in our country, are not fair and are not helping anyone?

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