It takes a certain type of courage to face an enemy on the field of battle and stand resolute and immovable. Luckily, the United States’ military is full of such brave men and women who volunteer to serve and fight for the freedoms of our country.

One recent story serves as an especially strong reminder of the valor of our soldiers.

As of nine months ago, the United States military was engaged, in a small capacity, in fighting ISIS. Key personnel and limited troops are on the ground protecting assets and fighting key targets.

In a recent encounter with ISIS troops, a pair of United States soldiers were guarding the entrance of the Besmaya Range Complex, a training base that lies on the outskirts of Baghdad. The complex serves as a training ground for using a variety of weapons, from pistols to mortars.

One soldier was watching a base entrance from a guard post and the other on the ground. The pair of soldiers reported seeing a light and the soldier on the ground investigated more closely.

He heard a crack and received a “laceration” across his face, reported the Military Times. That’s military speak for getting shot in the face.

Did the soldier drop to the ground and cover his face or flee back to the safety of the base to seek medical attention?

No. He picked up his rifle and began firing back at the assailant who shot him.

This is a true example of courage and the strength of our military and their training. It is reassuring to know that the United States has hardcore soldiers like this in its ranks—people who aren’t afraid to fight back against enemies who shoot and hide under the cover of night.

The story was first reported in the Military Times and can be found here.


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