Jane Fonda, the actress un-affectionately called “Hanoi Jane”, has found herself backpedaling for the first time in over 40 years. Fonda received her infamous nickname for her 1972 photo on top of an anti-aircraft battery in the city of Hanoi, North Vietnam, with a big Benedict Arnold smile. This, of course, was while America was sent to defend South Vietnam. She verbally attacked Vietnam Veterans as “war criminals”, and has consistently held that she did nothing wrong with her traitorous photo-op. Of course, that was not the last time she insulted Vietnam veterans...

When Lee Daniel's The Butler was in the works, Jane Fonda was signed on to play the wife of conservative presidential icon Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan. Many, naturally, expressed outrage at this casting choice. Fonda made matters worse, after Vietnam vets said they would protest her starring in the film, she told them to “Get a Life”, and seem to be amused that the veterans were upset. She told the Daily Mail that their protests would “cause more people to see the movie”, and said “I figured it would tweak the right. Who cares?”

Well, now, she has taken a slightly different stance. Last Sunday, military veterans protested a public appearance that Jane Fonda made. She was making a speech for the arts at the Weinberg Center for the Arts in Maryland, when she was met with 50 protesting veterans. They held signs that read “Forgive? Maybe. Forget? Never.” Apparently, good ol' Hanoi Jane finally took the vets serious, and could not denounce them to their face in such a public setting.

After 40 years of stubbornness, and insults, she finally managed to find some sympathy. She gave an apology, of sorts, according to NBC Washington.


“Fonda told the audience she made a 'huge mistake' that led many to think she was against soldiers fighting in Vietnam, and it's something that she'll take to her grave. She says she understands their anger and that it makes her sad.”

Of course, it is unclear if she even remotely meant it. There was NO mention of any sort of tears or heartfelt words said. However, it is nice to hear a lefty admit that they were wrong.

What are your thoughts? Did Jane Fonda sincerely apologize? Should the troops accept her apology? Would you? Is it too little, too later?

Leave your comments below.

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