Only 9! We were hoping for a lot more than just 9, and mostly “D-List” celebrities who are threatening to take off if “The Donald becomes president.

However we’ve heard this “dog and pony” show before, in fact that’s what progressives do…”make promises they know they aren’t going to keep.”

At the end of the day none of these BOZO’S is going anywhere, and that’s the irony, in that conservatives never threaten to bail out, run, pack up and leave.

Moreover no matter how bad the situation gets in America conservatives would never threaten to abandon their country, especially at this critical moment within our history. In fact just the opposite is true. Conservatives have withstood the continued destruction of America under this administration for almost 8-years.

So who are these illustrious well-informed celebrities, a bet you can guess without even looking at the list.

1. Pop tart and potty mouth-Miley Cyrus, who took to Instagram last week to call Trump an “F****king nightmare.”

2. “D-List” celebrity Whoopi Goldberg who went off on Trump on THE VIEW

3 Samuel L. Jackson, (reduced to doing commercials), accused Trump of running a campaign based on “hate” in a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter

4 George Lopez, (the almost funny late, late night comedian), recently tweeted an image of notorious drug lord El Chapo clutching Trump’s severed head atop a mountain of skulls:

5. Al Sharpton, (our resident tax cheat), took some time away from protesting the Oscars last month to say he was booking a plane ticket in the event of a Trump win.

5. 6. Jon Stewart, departed from the Daily Show last year

7. Eddie Griffin, in a recent interview on VladTV, the comedian said he’d Vote for Kanye West “before motherf–king Donald Trump

8. Cher (remember her?) has been a vocal critic of Trump, often lashing out at the billionaire frontrunner on Twitter during the televised Republican debates.

9. Raven-Symoné another “D-List” celebrity and Whoopi's View co-host bashing “The Donald.”

h/t: Breitbart


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