For more than a week, television screens have been filled with people passionately protesting the election results of last week – obviously dedicated patriots who are merely exercising their First Amendment right to assemble and their right to free speech at those gatherings in the spirit of the Founding Fathers and the Revolutionary era.

They are taking to the streets in the mold of the Sons of Liberty – the patriots who boarded King George’s ship docked in Boston Harbor and tossed tea into over the side to protest the tyranny of the British ruler.

Or… not.

In fact, of the 112 people arrested by the Portland Police Bureau during the protests – make that, riots, 70 of them, more than half, did not even bother to cast a ballot in the election that has them so outraged or in some cases, weren’t even registered to vote.

The data comes from Oregon state election records after the names and ages of the arrestees were compared to voter logs.

The county has yet to verify voting information for the remain 17 protesters who were arrested during the violence that forced police to take action to put an end to incidents of arson, destruction of property, blocking of traffic and attacks on law enforcement officers.

Only 25 of those protesters who were arrested did vote in the November 8 election that saw Democrat Hillary Clinton, thought to be heading to a landslide win against Republican Donald Trump, suffer a surprising defeat at the hands of the billionaire businessman who has no political experience.

Pundits and pollsters were caught flatfooted by the strength of Trump’s support and the failure of Clinton to hold the so-called Obama coalition or create enthusiasm among women in voting for the first female presidential candidate.

Their predictions, broadcast by the mainstream media, even into the late hours on election night, that Clinton would prevail led many who were anti-Trump, rather than pro-Clinton, to take to the streets in what quickly moved from protests to full-fledged riots.

The indication has been that many, if not most, of the rioters were “professional” agitators from outside the community in the pay of groups like the George Soros-funded MoveOn.

Clearly, the majority of those arrested in Portland weren’t particularly interested in participating in the democratic process, going to the polling place, standing in line and casting their vote for the candidate of their choice.

They aren’t protesting – they are following marching orders.

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