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Perhaps rather than protesting another justifiable police shooting Patrisse Khan-Cullors co-founder of “Black Lives Matter” could put her public activism to good use by instructing black youths not to resist arrest or point guns at police officers, which will surly get them killed.

And while she’s at it, she might also tell these young thugs that stealing cars might not get them killed outright, however they’ll surly do some hard time if caught.

This latest incident involved another black youth 18-year-old Carnell Snell, Jr. who was spotted by police driving a “light-blue Nissan Altima with paper license plates that indicated an incorrect model year.”

After police began to follow the automobile, Snell and another youth got out and began running away, as police pursued the running suspects, the officers noticed that Snell removed a gun from his pants and was shot.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck went on to elaborate during a police briefing; “While holding the handgun in his left hand, he (Snell) turned in the direction of pursuing officers, at which time an officer-involved shooting occurred.”

Although it was publicly announced that the police briefing was a “closed-door press conference where the public was not allowed to have access,” Cullors along with Melina Abdullah and Niki Okuk, who are all affiliated with BLM decided to “CRASH” the party, stating “double assassination first killing the body of Carnell Snell, and then assassinating his character.”

“We know that LAPD continues to kill our people and then justifies the killings with whatever they think makes those murders justifiable,” Abdullah said. “That's why we were there."

However before they could interrupt the proceedings further the trio were handcuffed after ignoring police orders to leave the premises.

Despite the arrests, Abdullah claimed that the protesters had every right to be present at the press conference;

“It's a public building and we have the right to make our voices heard, we're not going to just submit to the will of the police that continue to kill us.”

And perhaps there lies the rub, in that young Carnell Snell, Jr. would be alive today if he did “submit to the will of the police” and not resist arrest.


Source: Advocate

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