The spectacle of Hollywood “stars” and fading pop music icons embarrassing themselves with public displays of hysteric political posturing continues nearly six months after Donald Trump was elected president in November with some celebrities still laboring under the misapprehension that their opinion somehow matters more than that of any American.

Cher broke her promise to leave the country if Trump was elected, Ashley Judd read obscene poetry comparing the newly-inaugurated president to Hitler, Madonna bragged about her dreams of “blowing up the White House” and Martin Sheen remained confused apparently believing he actually had served in the White House as fictitious president Jed Bartlet in the television series, The West Wing, ten years ago.

The “Ladies” of the View daytime talk show regularly opine that the president is, in fact, a dictator who needs to be impeached immediately.

Shia LaBeouf, the 30-year-old who starred as the son of Indiana Jones in the 2008 movie series, joined the over-the-top anti-Trump celebrities by launching a project proclaiming #HeWillNotDivideUs designed to be an ongoing protest of the Trump presidency, but his effort has backfired and he has found himself the object of ridicule – and parody.

LaBeouf is part of a collaborative “meditation on celebrity and vulnerability” with British artists Luke Turner and Finnish artist Nastja Säde that created a sanctimonious campaign to protest Donald Trump –

Rather than drawing publicity and accolades for his stand against the president who is reviled by the Left, LaBeouf instead was pranked.

The group hoisted a #HeWillNotDivideUs flag intended to travel with the New York’s Museum Of The Moving Image (MoMI) for the entire four years of Trump’s term, but moved it to Albuquerque, New Mexico after protests by what he termed, “disruption by neo-Nazis.”

Internet users from 4chan located the flag and replaced it with a “Make America Great Again” flag, and an “alt-right” Pepe the Frog T-shirt.

Altercations led to LaBoeuf’s arrest and charges of assault and harassing and, declaring the U.S. too “unsafe,” LaBoeuf tried again –flying the flag in Liverpool, England on a live stream.

Again, the message boards users found them out, and the disgruntled trio headed to Finland’s Arctic region, and calling the new project, #AloneTogether, settled into three separate cabins intending to live stream their faces into a museum in Helsinki to continue protesting the American president.

But, 4chan, 8chan and Ylilauta (Finnish 4chan) discovered them within 24-hours.

It seems that instead of directing abuse toward Trump, LaBoeuf has made himself the target – with no end in sight no matter where he goes to “hide” to get attention.

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