There’s little doubt after the continued onslaught of the president and his family that perhaps “The View” should be renamed “The Vile.”

Moreover leading this wolf pack of recycled celebrities are the usual “D-List” suspects of “The Vile” like Goldberg, Jones and Behar.

However perhaps another perfect co-host for this tasteless enterprise masquerading as entertainment might be the currently unemployed drama queen Kathy Griffin. The disheveled redheaded comedienne who held that bizarre press conference last week claiming that President Trump “broke her” after she traumatized 11-year old Barron Trump by engineering a sick and perverse spoof, holding a mock severed and bloody head of the president.

No doubt Griffin’s tasteless and crude humor fits rather nicely with “The View” simply observe last week’s guest-host Star Jones mocking once again an 11-year old child on an ABC segment of “The View.”

“Our president though cracks me up when he says his son was upset,” Jones said, according to Breitbart. “He has to remember — I wonder how upset he was when he heard his father referred to the kinds of assaults that he would do on women or did they not talk about that?”

Once again simply imagine if this sick attack were aimed at Obama’s children, imagine how the perverted left would be freaking out, imagine the coverage by the mainstream press, playing the race card.

However, the wolf-pack wasn’t finished assaulting this child and it was now “Peg Bundy” clone Joy Behar’s turn interjecting: “Or making fun of handicapped people.”

“Yes exactly,” chimed Jones.

Behar took her turn to once again assault the president saying; “Or make fun of a Gold Star family. I mean he was horrible.”

There’s little doubt that “The Vile” is obsessed with the President and his entire family, and not even young Barron is off-limits.


Moreover the vile verbal attacks have become even more perverted and deranged as illustrated by the antics of Griffin’s mock bloody beheading of the president and the support she’s received by some within the entertainment community, which should send shock-waves among the Secret Service that the deranged left, especially within the performing arts, has reached a dangerous level, simply view the performance in New York’s Central Park dubbed “Shakespeare in the Park over the weekend, and the assassination of a Trump-like character on stage.

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