For all the claims from the liberals in this country that money is ruining politics, they're very happy to continue to fund the puppeteers from behind the scenes and use their influence to try and influence policy. This week the news has come out that a giant, liberal-funded foundation actually made plans to directly influence a decision in the American court system.

George Soros, the Hungarian billionaire who is very adept at using his fortune to influence politics, is accused in a recent document leak of trying to influence a Supreme Court decision.

Soros is the founder of Open Society Foundations, a group which wants to "to build vibrant and tolerant societies whose governments are accountable and open."

The truth, however, couldn't be further from that mission statement.

An internal memo sent to high-ranking members of the organization, described how the organization was working with members of the media and lawyers to try and influence the outcome of the recent U.S. v Texas lawsuit which would have overturned large portions of Obama's deferred action plan which allows illegal immigrant parents to stay in the country as long as their children are citizens.

That memo stated that members of the Soros-led organization were, "seeking to influence the Justices (primarily via a sophisticated amicus briefs and media strategy) in hopes of securing a favorable ruling in U.S. v Texas."

While the amicus brief portion of the strategy is found in every major court case that goes before the Supreme Court, the worrisome part of the memo is the "media strategy" that Soros's foundation planned. That media strategy may have included Washington Post writer Danielle Allen and Columbia University dean of journalism Steve Coll, both members of the board of Soros's foundation and key media players.

In the end, however, we'll probably never know what the exact strategy entailed. All we do know is the scary fact that Soros and his millions are trying to influence the U.S. Supreme Court, something that should sound a warning bell in the ear of every American.

h/t: Daily Mail

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