It would appear that Jim Chambers a gym owner in Atlanta has just made an explicit public announcement to every low life and criminal element within his area that his establishment is a “police free zone” similar to those fools who announce their schools are “gun free zones” thus “unprotected”!

In his apparent zeal to slam those “first responders” with a vile and disgusting sign proclaiming: “RULES: DO WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT, CORRECTLY, EXCEPT CROSS-FIT CULTISM – NO F*****G COPS.”

Chambers, who has owned the gym for more than a year, told that the cop ban has been a policy since the gym opened.

The offensive sign posted at the gym’s entrance drew the attention of a military veteran who became upset and contacted the media.

When asked by the Daily Mail why he put the sign Chambers told the reporter that he had just watched a news broadcast regarding a police shooting of a man being shot to death by police officers in Mississippi a few days before, saying that the sign is a form of “protest against policing in America.”

Chambers Continued: “I don’t believe in reforming police. I believe in abolishing police completely,” he said and “normalizing anti-police mentality.”

He also acknowledged that besides banning police officers he’s also banned veterans and anyone affiliated with the military from working out within his facility, moreover, he claims that his largely minority customer base feel uncomfortable around police officers, which begs the question why?

However the sign was just recently taken down, perhaps because of the backlash it’s received. However, he plans to put it back up saying: 'I didn't want the other folks there to take the heat that I'm willing to take.”

The loony owner says he plans to also put something up regarding former quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Moreover, some individuals responded to Chamber’s coarsely worded sign on Facebook: “Are there not laws against this? They are discriminating against a class of people. Maybe not by race religion or sex but it is still a group of people. EDIT*** maybe ask them to bake a cake? That'll put them out of business.”

Another poster wrote: "Makes ya wonder if there's some illegal activity going on there too, doesn't it?? Why would you not only not want cops but the military as well? Interesting business plan...”

Although the Atlanta Police Department claims that if any emergency took place at the gym, perhaps a brawl or a robbery they would of course respond, the question is how long would it take them?

When an angry mob shows up at this losers business do you think the police should bother protecting him? Tell us what you think of this disgraceful gym owner in the comments below.

Source: Daily Mail

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