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No doubt if you’ve been following this campaign then you’ve probably seen your share of bizarre antics, from violent protests to peaceful demonstrations, to outlandish costumes to creative innovative signs.

We’ve witnessed political pundits expressing their expert opinions only to be proven wrong, we’ve had a front row seat within the comfort of our homes watching candidates attacking one another, and we’ve seen history being made in having the first woman candidate running within a major party for the presidency of the United States and equally historic a private citizen beating 16-professional politicians in a series of bruising debates, to emerge victorious with the largest number of votes cast within the history of Republican Party, and as the Republican nominee for president.

However we’ve also witnessed the seamy side of politics, the underbelly of corruption and malfeasance which has ripped open this Republic, and now threatens the very existence of our democracy, putting into peril those very institutions that safeguard our liberties, which have now become tainted, and can no longer be counted on to preserve our Founding principles of “equal justice under the law.”

To that end we’ve seen throughout the country private citizens stepping up unafraid and involved in their desire to save this Republic, by any means available to them, even using irreverent satire as a political weapon, as this photo illustrates.

And while the truck driver was not identified his handiwork was definitely on display with one central theme “Things that I trust more than Hillary Clinton:” emblazoned on the side of the truck.


The list while no doubt humorous outlines the danger of putting gender over accomplishments, honesty and integrity…read his list!

If you agree with this truck driver share his amazing anti-Hillary bumper sticker on Facebook with your family and friends.

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