What an interesting find out in the forests of Latvia. The Legenda, a group of treasure hunters, were exploring the forest when their metal detectors starting pinging.


They proceeded to dig up their find and found not one, but five metal cylinders. Given that treasure seekers are a curious lot, they wasted no time in cracking open the tubes. What could be inside?


The tubes held a very different kind of treasure than one would expect. The tubes turned out to be German weapons caches from World War II.


Inside each were the tools to wage destruction on the invading Russian forces. The tubes were bomb caches.


In side of each were magnetic mines and two different types of hand grenades.  Also identified were a variety of explosive detonators and rounds of wire for laying bombs that required detonation from a distance.


A bomb designed to mimic a lump of coal, perfect for the destruction of a train was also discovered. These weapons caches were clearly meant for someone who was a specialist in the art of explosives.

A hand gun, a French M1892, bullets and knife were included, presumably if the need for close encounter combat arose.

You never know what you will find in the forest!

Source: Mad World News



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