No matter how hard President Obama tries to characterize acts of radical Islamic terrorism as a “gun problem” that can only be addressed by enacting increasingly severe restrictions on the Second Amendment right to bear arms, the American people aren’t buying his ploy.

In fact, the FBI conducted more background checks for gun purchases in the month of June 2016 than in any June since the requirement was put into place in 1998.

The number of FBI checks is used as an indicator of gun sales.

While Obama immediately seized upon the terror attack at an Orlando, Florida on June 12 to push his gun control agenda, blaming the weapon rather than the Muslim who paused the slaughter to call 911 and pledge his allegiance to ISIS, citizens weren’t convinced and, as evidenced by the NICB numbers, took steps to protect themselves.

One of the most concerning aspects of the Orlando massacre was the delay by the police in deploying SWAT teams to rescue the victims who were held hostage by the radicalized Muslim terrorist for three-hours.

Many of the victims bled out during the prolonged wait and survivors have questioned the decision-making that led to the delay, supporting the realization that citizens must be prepared to protect themselves when the government – state, federal or local – is unable or unwilling to do so.

Relatives of the 49 dead and 53 injured have expressed regret that no one in the nightclub was in possession of a firearm except the shooter, while a holder of a concealed carry license might have made a difference, especially during the three-hour wait for help to arrive.

Despite both Obama and presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton openly advocating the institution of a gun confiscation plan similar to that in force in Australia, four bills introduced in the Senate and a “sit-in” protest in the House have resulted in no legislative action restricting gun rights, although Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) has indicated a GOP-sponsored plan will be considered soon.

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