To hear President Obama and Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton talk, the biggest threat American citizens face after an outbreak of three domestic terror incidents in a single weekend is a severe outbreak of that immoral and evil disease of “Islamophobia,” not death from exploding pressure cookers on a neighborhood street in New York or at a Marine charity race, or at the hands of a deranged man wielding a machete or firing a gun in a busy shopping mall.

Yet, the ten people stabbed at Minnesota mall and the 29 injured in Manhattan, along with the hundreds of others who were traumatized would probably disagree – and apparently citizens feel the same way.

After a fourth attack – at another shopping mall attack – this one in Burlington, Washington – that saw five killed by a Turkish immigrant, everyday people who work, shop, dine out and live their lives without the benefit of the 24/7 super-security people like Obama and Clinton rely upon, have made the decision to protect themselves, their families and businesses and each other on their own.

So, as the November election could see Clinton in the White House, gun shop owners in Skagit County, Washington are reporting surging sales of small handguns suitable for concealed carry license holders.

Skagit County, Washington authorities confirm the demand for the licenses is “eight times” what it was before the attack on the Cascade Mall.

Gunshot owner Anthon Steen told local reporters customers are flooding into his store and depleting his inventory.

“Typically this time of year we are busy with hunting stuff. We got a double whammy recently because of the increase in handgun sales.” 

The store manager, Guy Hanson, pointed to a half-empty case that usually holds the small weapons, “We usually have a lot more than this. This case isn’t even full,” and Police Chief Lin Tucker said the one-day record for concealed permit applications had gone “through the roof.”

The three suspects in the four terror attacks across the nation in those few days were Islamic, ISIS-related, ISIS-inspired or claimed by ISIS.

The definition of “phobic”  is a use of the Greek word for: a persistent irrational fear, which proves Americans aren’t Islamaphobic at all – they have a perfectly rational, reasonable, fact-based fear of people who want to hunt them down in public and kill them.

What’s so immoral about that, Obama?

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