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Deputy First Class Dean Bardes, owes his wellbeing and most likely his life to a perfect stranger, who decided to got involved.

The incident took place near an exit ramp on Interstate 1-75 in Estero, Florida, when the yet unidentified motorist observed Deputy Bardes, a 12-year veteran of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office on the ground being beaten by an assailant, who had apparently been pulled over the side of the road.

However rather than simply passing by the unfolding beat down of Deputy Bardes, the stranger decided to stop and render assistance; the assailant was now on top of the officer raining down blows, and Deputy Bardes was screaming for help. At which point the stranger got out of his own auto and confronted the assailant and ordered him to stop beating Deputy Bardes, the order was ignored, and the stranger immediately pulled out a handgun and once again ordered the assailant to comply, which was again ignored, and at that point the stranger who has a legal CCW to carry, fired his weapon killing the assailant instantly.


It was learned through Deputy Bardes preliminary report that the encounter with the assailant began as a police chase, when Deputy Bardes had responded to an accident scene, and was working the case when he witnessed the assailant driving by recklessly, and immediately gave pursuit, the police chase lasted a few miles when the assailant suddenly slowed down and stopped near an exit ramp, as Deputy Bardes tentatively approached the vehicle, the assailant suddenly lunged forward knocking him to the ground.

Rick Maestas another motorist and eye-witness spoke with “Wink News” and acknowledge that he witnessed the high-speed pursuit then the assailant’s vehicle suddenly stopping near the exit ramp, and witnessing Deputy Bardes being brutally assaulted, and then another vehicle pulling alongside and then hearing 3-shots being fired and the assailant falling to the ground, and moments later Deputy Bardes getting up.

No doubt shooting someone even an assailant beating up on a law officer is a pretty difficult thing to do, however imagine for a moment if the assailant decided to go for Deputy Bardes’ revolver. In short thank goodness there was a “good guy with a gun.”

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